My at-home favorites.

July 26, 2022

With kids, dogs and a home to care for there’s always a list of essential items and love-to-haves that I’m shopping and holding out hope for. The below items (and one service) are all things I love and use daily or weekly. I might not need them, but I love them.

Geometry Tea Towels

Geometry Tea Towels are made of microfiber, so they dry quickly, are really soft, don’t leave smudges on countertops and come in a million cute designs (this is one of my faves). The mini dishcloths are great, too. I give them to my daughters at mealtimes instead of napkins – they’re softer, more durable and reusable.

Heath Ceramic Multi-Stem Vase

These vases are elegant, and the designs go with most arrangements (I’m obsessed with Cool Lava). I love that they have a narrow opening because the arrangement stays together. They’re also a great height – I usually give flowers a quick trim to prolong their freshness, but with these vases, I don’t have to take much off.

Bouqs Flower Subscriptions

Enough with schlepping flowers back from the grocery store. Bouq’s subscriptions start at $40. I get the mid-priced Deluxe option (around $52) with 20-32 stems. The flowers usually last for 7-10 days and fill 1-2 large vases, plus two smaller ones that I usually put in my daughters’ rooms.

Himalayan Salt Lamp & Nightlight

This salt lamp gives my bedroom the perfect low-light glow, which is so calming at night. It’s not quite enough light for reading, but it’s perfect for watching 20 minutes of The Real Housewives before passing out. This nightlight helps me pee and then fall right back asleep without needing to turn on the harsher overhead bathroom light.

Bodum Bistro Electric Water Kettle, 34 ounces

I use this electric kettle every morning to boil water for hot cocoa, and I’ve used it for years. I can easily see how much water is in there, it heats up quickly and 34 ounces is the perfect amount to make tea for myself and a few friends, or hot cocoa for my daughters and me.

Canopy Humidifier

I run these humidifiers in my daughters’ rooms every night, and I’d love to get one for me too. They’re so easy to use and stay so clean. You can also sign up to get filters delivered on whatever schedule you choose, which is nice.

Gold 3-Tier Wire Fruit Basket

This wire fruit basket is so beautiful and useful. I rinse fruits and veggies and pop them in to air dry. It also holds so much produce, it’s really sturdy and I put it together in about two minutes.

Boheme Istanbul Candle

The Istanbul candle has such a unique, beautiful scent. It doesn’t smell like any of the classics I usually gravitate toward (vanilla, rose, jasmine), but it’s not too strong either. It has notes of cardamom, ginger, bergamot and cassis. I really like Boheme’s Joshua Tree candle too. I actually bought these as gifts but ended up keeping them.

Container Store Drawer Organizers

I use these organizers in drawers all over the house. There are lots of different sizes, too. It’s so nice to open a drawer and quickly see what’s in there instead of having to hunt around.

US Weekly Magazine Subscription

I can’t think of anything better than sipping a Diet Coke and skimming through the latest celebrity disasters. Life is hard, so please do something nice for yourself. One year, or 52 issues, is $51.48 and six months is $30.94.

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